RobotUI Setup Guide

If you have already performed the setup below, you can continue onto the development guide.

Hardware/Software Requirements

Summary of first time setup

Step 1. Build a simple circuit

The simplest circuit you can make using a HC-06 is shown below. This particular circuit shows an Arduino Nano (which could be swapped out with another Arduino e.g. the Uno or Mega). It shows a HC-05, but you can use a HC-06 too. It shows 3 resistors of the same value, 2 in parallel and 1 in series. The value is not important as long as they are all the same. The intention of the resistors is to drop the 5V signal coming from the Arduino down to 3.3V to make it compatible with the HC-05/06. I show a 9V battery here for the purposes of making the circuit standalone and portable, but while powering the Arduino from the USB during development/programming, the battery is not required and should be disconnected.

Common arduino pins

Arduino Uno or Nano pins

Arduino Mega pins

Step 2. Download and install RobotUI library

Step 3. Install RobotUI app

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device and install the RobotUI app. NOTE, your Android device must have bluetooth for this application to work.

Step 4. Upload the RobotUI examples